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Spirituals - a collectionAllain, Richard (arr.)SATB with divs. +some solosNovello32
The Great 'O' AntiphonsAnonUnisonUnpublished35
Creator of the stars of nightAnon.Unisonunpublished35
O come, O come EmmanuelAnon.SATB+organmanuscript36
Jesus Christ the apple treeArcher, MalcolmSATB (+ divisi) +organOUP35 
All creatures of our God and KingArcher, MalcolmSSATBRoyal School of Church Music40 
Rejoice the Lord is KingArcher, MalcolmSATB + organRSCM36 
Preces and ResponsesAyleward, RichardSATBCPDL35
Jesu, joy of man's desiringBach J. S.SATB + organOUP15 
Wachet Auf (Advent Chorale)Bach, J. S.SATBCPDL35
Lord thou hast been our refugeBairstow, EdwardSATB + organNovello32 
Save us, O LordBairstow, Edward C.SATB+organNovello30 
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in B minorBlair, Hugh (ed. Atkins)SSAATBB+organNovello36 
Let thy hand be strengthenedBlow, JohnSATBCPDL36
Come Holy GhostBoyce, WilliamSSATBCPDL36
Hymn to the virginBritten, BSATB/SATBBoosey & Hawkes21 
A hymn to the VirginBritten, BenjaminSSAATTBBBoosey & Hawkes22 
A ceremony of carolsBritten, BenjaminSATBBoosey & Hawkes4 
Ave Maria etcBruckner, AntonSATBPeters12 
Pange linguaBruckner, AntonSATBCPDL35
Mass for five voicesByrd, WilliamSATTBCPDL35
Never weather-beaten SaileCampion, ThomasSATBCPDL35
Les anges dans nos campagnes (Angels from the realms of glory)Chilcott, BobSATB (+divisi) +organOUP36 
The night he was bornChilcott, BobSATB (+divisi) +organOUP36 
Preces and responsesClucas, HumphreySATB (+divisi)OUP34 
Fine knacks for ladiesDowland, JohnSATBStainer & Bell12 
Come again! Sweet Love doth now inviteDowland, JohnSATBStainer & Bell10 
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in DDyson, GorgeSAT(T)B+organStainer & Bell34 
God be in my headEdwards, PaulSSAATTBBFagus-Music.com40 
BalulalowEdwards, PaulSATBOecumuse25
Bread of heavenEdwards, PaulSATBFagus-music.com40 
ShenandoahErb, James (arr.)SSAATTBBAlfred35 
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Merton College Service)Esenvalds, EriksSSATTBB+soloMusica Balta (Edition Peters)40 
Unto us a boy is born (suite of carols)Gange, Kenneth (arr.)SATBRoberton Publications24
Evening hymnGardiner, BalfourS(S)AT(T)B +organNovello34 
Ubi caritasGjeilo, OlaSATBWalton Music40 
I will greatly rejoice in the LordGreene, MauriceSATBCPDL35
Radix JesseHandl, JacobSATBCPDL35
Resonet in laudibusHandl, JacobSATBCPDL36
Rorate CoeliHandl, JacobSSATBBCPDL35
Ecce concipiesHandl, JacobSATBCPDL35
Bring us, O LordHarris, William H.SATB/SATBNovello32 
O sacrum conviviumHassler, Hans LeoSSAATTBUnpublished40
Dixit MariaHassler, Hans LeoSATBCPDL35
O come, divine Messiah!Helvey, Howard (arr.)SATB+organOUP36 
The battle of JerichoHogan, Moses (arr.)SSAATTBBHal Leonard35 
This have I done for my true loveHolst, GustavSATBStainer & Bell30 
A spotless roseHowells, HerbertSATB +bass soloStainer & Bell48 
A hymn for St. CeciliaHowells, HerbertSATB + organNovello36 
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (St Paul's)Howells, HerbertSATB + organNovello40 
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Gloucester Service)Howells, HerbertSATB (+divisi) +organNovello31 
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in GHowells, HerbertSATB+organStainer & Bell35 
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Collegium Regale)Howells, HerbertSSAATB +Tsolo +organNovello32 
RequiemHowells, HerbertSSAATTBB+solosNovello5 
A spotless roseHowells, HerbertSATB+Bar solo (+divisi)Stainer & Bell35 and 14
Calico pieIves, GraystonSATBRicordi22 
Stabat MaterJenkins, KarlSATB + soprano soloist + organ/orchestraBoosey & Hawkes35 
The Armed Man: a mass for peaceJenkins, KarlSATB and pianoBoosey & Hawkes23
Joy in the morningJoubert, JohnSSAATTBBNovello35 
Missa Jesu RedemptorKaim, AdolfoSATBCPDL35
Missa ad Imitationem Vinum BonumLassus, OrlandoSATB/SATBJOED Music37 
Missa Octavi ToniLassus, OrlandoSATBCPDL31
O magnum mysteriumLauridsen, MortenSATB (+divisi)Faber Music36 
Zadok the priestLawes, HenrySATB+organCPDL36
Preces and responsesLeighton, KennethS(S)ATBNovello30 
The Lamb has come for us from the House of DavidMacMillan, JamesSATB + organBoosey & Hawkes30 
E'en so Lord Jesus, quickly comeManz, PaulSATBMorning Star35 
A Winter's Night (Christmas Cantata)McDowall, CeliaS(S)ATB + organ (+brass quintet & perc.)OUP40
Ubi caritasMealor, PaulSATB +divisiYork Music Press35
Three motetes Op. 69Mendelssohn, FelixSATBCPDL35
Sechs Spruche Op. 79Mendelssohn, FelixSSAATTBBCPDL35
Te DeumMendelssohn, FelixSATB+organCPDL36
Magnificat and Nunc DimittisMurrill, HerbertS(S)ATB+organOUP32 
Final responsesNaylor, E. W.SATBCPDL36
Vox dicentis: clamaNaylor, E. W.SSAATTBBCPDL40
This joyful EastertideOwens, MatthewSATBOUP40 
Alma Redemptoris MaterPalestrina, G.P. daSATBCPDL35
Missa Aeterna Christi MuneraPalestrina, G.P. daSAT(T)BCPDL42
Jam sol recedit (Now sinks the sun)Parker, Horatio W.SSAATTBBWalton Music36 
My soul, there is a country (Songs of Farewell No. 1)Parry, C. H. H.SATBCPDL40
There is an old belief (Songs of Farewell No. 4)Parry, C. H. H.SSATBBCPDL40
Three madrigalsPearsall, RobertSSATBB/SSAATTBB/SSAATTBBCPDL40
Magnificat, ThePergolesi, G. B.SATB+strings & continuoWalton Music23
Christ is born!Pim, DennisSATB+organUnpublished41
ProphecyPim, DennisSATBUnpublished35
O Magnum MysteriumPim, DennisSSAATTBBUnpublished35
The Burning BabePim, DennisSATB with divisionsUnpublished40
Be humble always and gentlePim, DennisSATB+organUnpublished40
Hark a herald-voice is callingPim, Dennis (arr.)SATB+organ (+opt. Children/Audience)Manuscript36
Come thou redeemer of the earthPim, Dennis (arr.)SATB+organ (+opt. Children/Audience)Unpublished36
Preces and responsesReading, John (ed. Walsh)SATBOUP32 
Rejoice in the Lord alwayRedford, JohnSATBNovello28 
Stabat MaterRheinberger, JosephSATB +organ & stringsCPDL35
Mass in Eb majorRheinberger, JosephSATB/SATBCPDL35
All in the April eveningRoberton H. S.SATBCurwen20 
Preces and responsesRose, BernardSATTBNovello27 
Te DeumRutter, JohnSATB +organ/orch.OUP30 
Star carolRutter, JohnSATB + opt. children's chorusOUP25 
GloriaRutter, JohnSATB (+divisi) +organ/orchestraOUP23 
The Lord is my light and my salvationRutter, JohnSATB+organ plus clarinetOUP28 
A Choral FanfareRutter, JohnSATB (+divisi)Hinshaw Music27 
Open thou mine eyesRutter, JohnSATB+divsOUP40
Little David, play on yo' harpSargent, Malcolm (arr)SATBNovello18 
Two Christmas SpiritualsSargent, Malcolm (arr.)SATBOUP16
Meine Seele erhebt den Herren (German Magnificat)Schutz, HeinrichSATB/SATBCPDL35
Oculi omniumSchutz, HeinrichSATBCPDL35
Three Hungarian FolksongsSeiber, MatyasSATBCurwen17
Preces and responsesShephard, RichardSSATBRSCM40 
Preces and responsesSmith, William (ed. Pim)SATBUnpublished40
Pater nosterStanford, C. V.SSAATTBBRSCM36 
Three motetsStanford, C. V.SATB/SATB.SATB/SSATBBCPDL35
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in GStanford, C. V.SATB+S&B solos+organCPDL36
When Mary thro' the garden wentStanford, C. V.SATBCPDL35
Hodie Christus natus estSweelinck, J. P.SSATBNovello37 
O sacrum conviviumTallis, ThomasSAATBCPDL40
Lamentations of Jeremiah (Part 1)Tallis, ThomasSAATBunpublished40
Two hymns to the Mother of GodTavener, JohnSSAATTBB/ SSAATTBBChester30 
Funeral ikosTavener, JohnSSATBBChester34 
The birthdayTaylor, J. W. R.SATBRoberton Publications22 
Noel!Thornett, GordonSATB (+divisi) +organOUP36 
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (from Second Service)Tomkins, Thomas (ed. Fowler)SATBCPDL35
Linden leaVaughan WilliamsSATBBoosey & Hawkes9 
Missa pro VictoriaVictoria, T. L. deSSATB+SATBCPDL35
Missa O quam gloriosumVictoria, T. L. deSATBChester35 
Missa pro defunctis a 6 (Requiem)Victoria, T. L. deSSATTBCPDL35
Conditor alme siderumVictoria, T. L. deSATBunpublished35
Tu es PetrusVictoria, T. L. deSSATTBCPDL37
O Magnum MysteriumVictoria, T. L. deSATBCPDL35
Preces and responsesWalsh, MichaelSAATB (+divisi)OUP35 
Coronation Te DeumWalton, WilliamSATB double chorus plus organOUP32 
Pie Jesu (from Requiem)Webber, Andrew LLoydSATBReally Useful Group28 
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in EWesley, S S (ed. Pim)S(S)AT(T)B +organunpublished35 
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peaceWesley, S. S.SATTB+organCPDL36
SleepWhitacre, EricSATB (+divisi)Walton Music35 
This MarriageWhitacre, EricSATBChester Music35 
Light & GoldWhitacre, EricSATB with divisionsChester Music35
The mermaidWhitworth, John (arr.)SATBBelwin Mills22 
Ding! dong! merrily on highWilberg, Mack (arr.)SATB+organOUP37 
Jubilate (An English Jubilate)Wilby, PSATB + organnot known35 
Ave MariaWilson, AlanSATB/SATB +S&B solos +organWeinberger36 
Cantate Domino (Psalm 98)Wilson, AlanSATB (+divisi/opt. solos)Weinberger26 
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in E minorWood, CharlesSATBCPDL36
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Collegium Regale)Wood, CharlesSATB/SATB +organYear Book Press36 
Hail, gladdening lightWood, CharlesSATB/SATBYear Book Press32 
Oculi omniumWood, CharlesSATBCPDL35
Ding dong! merrily on highWood, Charles (arr.)SATBunpublished35
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